Today I spent time watching a clip Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano published on her Langwitches Blog.
It is called Learning 2 Learn. It took time as I paused it quite a lot:

 [embedded content]

I watched this video quite shortly after having read @TaraTJ‘s entry in her blog Thinks. Tara talks about how her primary students have started capturing evidence of their self determined learning goals.

And I wondered what comments and reactions Tara’s students would have to Silvia’s questions. I suspect them to be very different from the comments and reactions many an adult may express, as the children are already striding out with their learning. What do you think they would be like?

The future is bright. Let’s stop playing “catch up” and all invest in getting there fast!

Source: ethosconsultancynz

Still about lEarning…

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