OnDemand Webinars are available to the student 24/7 365 to complete at their own pace and in their own time.  Students can pause the course to answer the phone or take a quick break and return later or they may exit the course and return another time right where they left off. The course materials are available from within the course and the student can also ask questions of the instructor from within the course.

This is a simple OnDemand Webinar we developed for StoneCE with Play Pause buttons, Survey Questions, Course Study materials and an interactive Ask the Instructor feature that allows the students to privately ask questions as if they were in a Live Webinar. Allowing students to "Ask the Instructor" questions in real time while they take an OnDemand Webinar anytime during business hours makes the course more fun, interactive and worthwhile. 

Our goal is to streamline the learning experience and make it easy for the student to engage with the Instructor and the subject matter with an intuitive interface thus creating more inherent value. 

To see the full 3 minute demo click on the title OnDemand Webinar Demo under Concept Demos in the Footer at the bottom of this page.

Check back with us from time to time for more E-Learning Development Samples

Be sure to take a look at our OnDemand Webinar Demo available in the SCORM Cloud widget in the sidebar to the right and let us know what you think.

We truly appreciate all of your feedback and we will do our best to respond to inquiries the same business day.

Thank you,

Thomas E. Albright II

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